The Broadview Park District has been servicing the Broadview area for more than 50 years. We operate seven parks and three facilities primarily for the enjoyment of our residents. A few amenities that we currently offer include an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, multiple kid-friendly playgrounds, and a plethora of beautiful days in the sun! Our main office is located at 2600 South 13th Avenue in Broadview, Illinois.  

Our Mission


It is the purpose of the Broadview Park District to economically and efficiently provide high quality programs, facilities, and services that lead to diversified recreational, educational and social opportunities for all Broadview residents. In doing so, we aspire to ultimately improve their quality of life through the use of the Broadview Park District and all it has to offer. 

Code of Conduct

Here at the Broadview Park District, we operate five parks and three facilities for the enjoyment of our residents. To that regard, we also expect a certain level of behavior of our patrons including the following:

- Liquor and drugs are prohibited on park property. 

- No person shall deface or destroy park property or facilities. 

- Profanity and foul language have no place in a park setting.  

- Pets are only allowed in the parks if on a leash, and if the owner cleans up all messes. 

- Advertisements, handbills, and pamphlets may not be distributed without approval. 

- Motorized vehicles are prohibited, except on designated drive areas (parking lots) etc.  

Please note: Individuals disobeying the aformentioned rules will be asked to leave the premises and/or will be reported to the Broadview Police Department.

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